3.7 GHz Services (C-Band)

Enabling early access for new licensees

Comsearch’s 3.7 GHz services help licensees develop and execute deployment options before incumbent earth stations are fully relocated.

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The 3.7 GHz auction winners will soon be granted their licenses but may have to wait until incumbent earth stations are cleared from the band. In many cases, this may not be completed until as late as December 2023.

Incumbent earth stations are relocating in two phases ending in December 2021 and December 2023. However, early deployment may be possible before all earth stations have been relocated. Comprehensive spectrum sharing analysis including co-channel, adjacent-channel and blocking can be used to facilitate early deployment within the band. In addition to analyzing earth stations, it will be necessary to analyze interference into existing point-to-point fixed service licenses in the band.

Comsearch can help. We have extensive experience in facilitating early access to spectrum. We addressed similar spectrum sharing issues in the 1.9 GHz PCS band and again during clearing of the 2.1 GHz AWS-1 and AWS-3 bands.

Comsearch provides comprehensive solutions. We combine our specialized services, our proprietary software, our highly accurate databases of incumbent earth stations, and our program management abilities to provide comprehensive spectrum sharing solutions as listed below.


  • Interference Analysis for proposed systems
  • Interference Mitigation by recommending RF design changes
  • System Assessment of earth station operational status
  • Incumbent Outreach to gather additional technical information
  • Blockage Surveys to clear interference cases
  • Post Transition Analysis to identify TT&C, adjacent channel, or blocking cases
  • Program Management of spectrum analysis, assessment, and mitigation process to enable early entry

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