Site Audits

Document existing equipment at your sites

Verifying existing parameters at a communications facility is a critical step during all phases of site development.

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Document existing infrastructure—A CRITICAL STEP

When preparing for installation—Proper planning requires detailed information about the existing conditions at a site.

Post-install—Verify that no installation details were overlooked, miscommunicated, or just ignored. 

Before license renewal—Just before license renewal is a great time to revise any outdated site information so accurate license details can be maintained.

Comsearch site audits include:

  • Site location, ground elevation, etc.
  • Antenna centerline, azimuth, polarization
  • Open tower space and transmission line length calculations
  • Detail of existing power systems, backup systems, and capacity
  • Dimensions of physical space for equipment and open rack space
  • Transmit frequency, power, emission bandwidth

Why Comsearch? Our comprehensive database of terrestrial microwave paths combined with our experienced field engineering staff provides an unbeatable combination for verifying path or site details as accurately and efficiently as possible.



  • Field Audits for on-site verification of assets
  • Inside Shelter Documentation of radio equipment, power systems, etc.
  • RF Measurements to verify transmit frequency and polarization
  • ASR Database Validation to identify coordinate issues