3-Step Process

AUDIT your existing network, CORRECT your FCC licenses and MITIGATE interference sources.

Step 1: Audit Step 2: Correct Step 3: Mitigate

Desktop Verifications
Comsearch will analyze current data using all available sources including the ULS, the Comsearch database, and a variety of GIS tools to identify potential data errors. This service will provide a clear list of what data is in error as well as expert advice on prioritization. We will identify the following items:

  • Coordinate and AMSL errors using various registered data and graphical imagery
  • Missing data to insert
  • Legacy data to purge
  • Phantom “hanging links” to investigate

Field Verifications
This “deeper dive” service is an actual on-site audit of your microwave network designed to bring your FCC registrations into full compliance. We perform field surveys to ensure accurate coordinates and antenna heights for each licensed system. Data obtained on-site can then be used to correct any errant license details.

Coordination & FCC Licensing Updates
Comsearch has a long history preparing FCC applications and working with the ULS. We can help you to prioritize and manage all corrective actions efficiently by performing the following services:

  • Prior Coordination Notice (PCN) updates
  • FCC licensing corrections, additions and deletions
  • FAA Registration (Form 7460-1)
  • Antenna Structure Registration (ASR Form 854)
  • Local Notices
  • Long-term network health with FCC License Management

Interference Resolution
Should interference occur, Comsearch is here to help with identification and mitigation support. Recognizing interference exists is just the first step. Actual identification of the source is often more challenging.
Before deploying a field team, Comsearch will work with AFCs to gather all available data for each interference case. If a quick resolution is not possible, we will mobilize to the site. Armed with the collected AFC data and a wealth of knowledge gathered through many years of tracking interference, our field team will set out to find the origin of each interferer. We employ custom test sets designed specifically for this effort to quickly and efficiently locate RF sources. We also offer mitigation advice and on-going support to assist with resolving interference cases after the fact.