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Understanding the CBRS coexistence paradigm

Most people familiar with the Citizens Broadband Radio System (CBRS) understand the three-tiered sharing model that designates lightly licensed General Authorized Access (GAA) users to the bottom tier with the lowest level of priority. However, CBRS players are often surprised to learn that … Read More

C-Band auction nears the $80B mark

The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) C-Band auction (107) resumed this week and continues to shatter records. As of January 5, the auction has garnered nearly $8o billion in gross bids among qualified bidders after 60 rounds … Read More

Repacking C-Band Earth Stations

Written by Mark Gibson on RADIO WORLD.COM | A review and further discussion of next steps. As the auction for the much-coveted C-Band spectrum kicks off, we are another step into the complicated process to relocate or repack C-Band FSS earth stations … Read More

Opening the C-Band to accelerate 5G deployments

RCR Wireless | by Mark Gibson and Mike Wolfe: Opening the C-Band for 5G networks frees up spectrum for a number of years and represents a major opportunity for mobile operators. At 280 megahertz, the C-Band is the largest chunk of mid-band spectrum the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has made available to date in the United States. To utilize the C-Band spectrum, 5G network deployments will require new infrastructure … Read More

C-Band auction is underway, in a shift that will shape 5G

The C-Band auction is officially underway, with two rounds of bidding to be held today. It is the Federal Communications Commission’s largest auction of midband spectrum to date, offering up 280 megahertz of highly anticipated midband spectrum that, while not immediately available for use, offers a relatively quick timeline for potential 5G deployments in the next few years … Read More

Clearing the Spectrum for 5G

Spectrum is the lifeblood needed to realize the economic and social benefits of new technologies and myriad resulting wireless services such as 5G. However, virtually all the low- and mid-band spectrum has been allocated for both commercial and government use … Read More

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