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State of CBRS Priority Access License (PAL) Deployments

Posted by Rashid Bhatti, Director of SAS Business Development at CommScope
FCC Auction 105 for CBRS Priority Access Licenses (PALs) concluded with $4.58B in gross proceeds. With another critical milestone behind us, it is time to look at what’s next for CBRS. For example, how and when can licensees put their newly acquired spectrum to use? How will PAL users impact GAA users? These questions and more were explored during a recent conversation between Oren Binder of the OnGo Alliance and Rashid Bhatti, Director of SAS Business Development at CommScope. Specifically, the two discussed the timeline to commercial PAL enablement and how organizations can put their PAL to use … Read More

Maximizing C-Band Deployments with CommScope

The first phase of the recent C-band auction concluded with gross proceeds exceeding $80.9 billion. According to FierceWireless, it was the highest-grossing spectrum auction ever held in the U.S., shattering the previous $44.9 billion generated by the AWS-3 auction in 2015. As a new CommScope white paper notes, 3.5 GHz allocations in the United States include the 150 MHz CBRS band which is designated for shared use with limited transmit power. However, this band … Read More

CommScope’s RAN and SAS for the Murray School District Win OnGo Award

Although CBRS (Citizens Band Radio Service) is a relatively new band in the United States, it has already proven itself across an increasing number of industries and use cases. A recent deployment in the education sector is the reason CommScope won the 2020 OnGo Award in the “Excellence in OnGo Enterprise Deployment” category … Read More

Mystery of the C-Band Auction Costs

Written by Joanna Lynch | With the 3.7 GHz Service (aka C-Band) auction just a short time away, participants are finalizing their bidding strategies and making sure they have done their due diligence on the incumbents in the band … Read More

Transition from Grandfathered Part 90Z License to Part 96 CBRS

Citizen’s Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), dubbed the innovation band, was recently given the greenlight by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for full commercialization. This was a major milestone for the CBRS ecosystem and the wireless industry as a whole, as CBRS commercialization means … Read More

Understanding the CBRS opportunity

The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) has published a white paper titled “The CBRS Opportunity” that explores how the Citizens Broadband Radio Service spectrum will help U.S. wireless carriers optimize traffic management on their networks … Read More

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