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The Airwaves Have Opened: 6GHz Spectrum Availability Delivers Next-Generation Wi-Fi Experience

Written by Jonathan Wu–Vice President, Consumer Products, Home Networks Business Segment, for CommScope | Next-Generation Wi-Fi in the 6GHz Band–For two decades, Wi-Fi® has been limited to two open frequency bands: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. However, with the influx of applications and devices demanding more bandwidth, it was time for a change—one that began to materialize just a few short years ago … Read More

Thinking about AFC services? Think about the data too …

Written by Mark Gibson, Sr. Director, Business Development & Spectrum Policy at CommScope | Need an AFC system? Then think about the underlying incumbent data … The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently conditionally authorized 13 Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) systems to manage access to the 6 GHz band by standard-power unlicensed devices. What will make AFCs stand apart in such a crowded field? … Read More

Maximizing C-Band Deployments with CommScope

The first phase of the recent C-band auction concluded with gross proceeds exceeding $80.9 billion. According to FierceWireless, it was the highest-grossing spectrum auction ever held in the U.S., shattering the previous $44.9 billion generated by the AWS-3 auction in 2015 … Read More

Mystery of the C-Band Auction Costs

Written by Joanna Lynch | With the 3.7 GHz Service (aka C-Band) auction just a short time away, participants are finalizing their bidding strategies and making sure they have done their due diligence on the incumbents in the band … Read More


A Message to Our Customers and Partners from CommScope CEO Eddie Edwards: Resilience and resolve in the era of COVID-19 | Around the world, businesses are managing through the COVID-19 crisis and establishing the new normal, as we all adapt to new ways of getting work done … Read More

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