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Wireless Medical Telemetry Service Frequency Coordination
Protect Your WMTS System

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Open our online interactive Wireless Medical Telemetry Service (WMTS) Frequency Coordination System!

Welcome to the online interactive Wireless Medical Telemetry Service (WMTS) Frequency Coordination System, Comsearch is a technical partner with the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) to providing frequency coordination services in the WMTS bands. The WMTS Frequency Coordination System allows you to quickly search for available WMTS frequencies, register them in the database, and download your coordination certificate.

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WMTS registration is easy, just follow these easy steps:

  • Step One: Create an account by registering the main facility or hospital where your WMTS equipment will be installed. If you already have a login and password, proceed to Step Two.
  • Step Two: Use your login and password to access the WMTS Frequency Coordination System. Here you will enter the pertinent data for your specific WMTS deployment, conduct a frequency search, and download your coordination certificate.
Comsearch also offers the following services:

Coordination with the National Science Foundation (NSF)
The 608–614 MHz band is shared with the radio astronomy service. There are 13 radio astronomy sites located throughout the United States. These sites have a protected radius of up to 50 miles. If your proposed WMTS deployment should fall within the protected radius of any of these sites, you must coordinate with the NSF. Comsearch will be automatically notified if your deployment falls within any of these protected radii, and we will initiate the coordination process with the NSF on your behalf.

Interference Analyses
In situations where the WMTS Frequency Coordination System yields no available frequencies, Comsearch recommends that you conduct a detailed interference analysis in order to assess the interference potential and possibly minimize the distance separation criteria. Comsearch will work to identify the physical parameters of the systems, and we will conduct a detailed analysis of interference potential between your WMTS system and the potential interference case.

If you need help understanding WMTS and how to perform frequency coordinations, Comsearch can come to your facility to provide hands-on training on how to use the WMTS Frequency Coordination System. This training class will also explain the complexities of deploying a WMTS system and why frequency coordination is important. We will also help you better understand interference mitigation and assist you in designing and deploying a system that minimizes interference potential.

  • Compliance with FCC rules and regulations
  • Registration is quick and easy
  • Identification of potential interference by subsequent WMTS systems in your area
  • Identification of other potential interference issues to your WMTS equipment from TV stations
  • Helps mitigate risks
  • Helps track your WMTS deployments

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