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Comsearch’s mission is to enable the most efficient and intelligent use of the wireless spectrum, a precious and limited resource. The thousands of customers we serve each year trust us to provide expert solutions in the design, engineering, and management of reliable wireless communications networks globally.

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Our Products

Comsearch has packaged several decades of wireless engineering expertise into a suite of products that empower you to get the most out of your spectrum.

ONLINE TOOLS offer comprehensive and secure web-based solutions to manage your spectrum and regulatory requirements.

PLANNING TOOLS provide solutions that you can install in your own enterprise environment to manage your spectrum.

ONLINE TRAINING enhances your microwave engineering skills at your own pace from anywhere.

DATA PRODUCTS help you make sense of the complex and ever-changing wireless environment.

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Dynamic Spectrum Access

All kinds of wireless networks—those used by wireless operators, fixed wireless networks, enterprises and the ever-growing Internet of things, for example—need access to high-capacity spectrum. Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) unlocks spectrum access by allowing these new users to share spectrum with incumbent licensees.

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April 22, 2022

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