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Countdown to Initial Commercial Deployment—We’re Getting Close

03/29/2019: Mark Gibson explains how the CBRS world is quickly moving towards ICD. “After CommScope’s recent announcement with Google about ESC testing, I received a lot of questions regarding next steps in the process to get to commercial deployment for CBRS services. Soon to arrive will be Initial Commercial Deployment (ICD)—after SAS testing is done” … Read More

Let’s Discuss CBRS at Mobile World Congress

Posted by Jocelyn Raque, 02/28/2019 | 5G, IoT, LTE and AI are just a few of the topics we expected to hear about at Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year. What came as a slight surprise was the increased interest around Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) … Read More

2019 is the Year of OnGo!

Posted by Rashid Bhatti, 02/07/2019 | According to the Chinese Zodiac calendar, 2019 is the year of the pig. The CBRS Alliance predicts that for the wireless industry, 2019 will be the year of OnGo … Read More

A Look Back at 2018: Ride Sharing, House Sharing, and Now Spectrum Sharing

Posted by Mark Gibson, 12/26/2018 | We are living in an era where we are learning to share in new, creative ways and making better use of our resources. Lyft, AirBnB and other sharing services use verification and accountability systems to give users the assurance that those strangers we are letting into our cars and homes can be trusted … Read More

Sharing Our Spectrum Expertise

CommScope’s Comsearch provides tuition-free spectrum management training to developing countries. For 36 years, Comsearch’s business unit has been providing training on spectrum management to women and men from developing nations—all at no charge to them or their countries … Read More

Google seeks STA for 3550-3650 MHz tests in Philadelphia

In a heavily redacted application, Google is asking the FCC for Special Temporary Authority (STA) to conduct radio tests in the 3550-3650 MHz band in Philadelphia over the course of six months. Google says the STA is needed to test the transmission of broadband data to mobile devices from fixed locations, but it’s not revealing much beyond that. It said the information that it seeks to keep confidential has significant commercial value … Read more

How Have U.S. Spectrum Holdings Changed and What Does it Mean?

Written by Comsearch’s Laura Fontaine on | The “spectrumscape” of licensed wireless holdings — meaning who owns what spectrum in which areas — can be complex, especially over periods of time. Blocks of spectrum get broken up and re-purposed, the FCC authorizes new auctions, counties are partitioned and spectrum ownership gets sold or acquired. Determining how current spectrum holdings by the Tier 1 operators could affect business strategies on a nationwide and market-by-market basis can be challenging … Read More

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