CBRS Spectrum Availability Analysis

Key spectrum analytics that help to evaluate business strategies, present detailed deployment options, or simply provide a quick feasibility view of operating in the CBRS band.


In most licensed spectrum bands, the operator has full control of the RF environment for their blocks of frequencies and uses traditional RF planning tools to analyze and optimize for coverage and capacity.

However, in the CBRS band the spectrum is shared with incumbents and higher tier users in three dimensions—spatial, temporal, and spectral. The Spectrum Access System (SAS) communicates with CBRS devices (CBSDs) and other entities to provide PAL and GAA channel access in an efficient way to optimize this shared use while protecting higher tier incumbents from operations in the lower tiers.

To better understand the sharing dynamics prior to deployment, CommScope has developed a service to analyze the shared spectrum condition for a specific area.

This service provides key information to operators about areas impacted by dynamic incumbent activity. The service provides:

  • Analysis of spectrum availability at a granular level to understand operational frequency and power ranges
  • Statistical information on spectrum availability for both current and future market conditions as the number of CBSDs grow
  • Prediction of actual areas impacted by dynamic incumbent activity and provides backup channel planning
  • Ranking of GAA channels in different geographic areas
  • Assistance for PAL auction planning
  • Guidance to optimize installations based on spectrum availability

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