iQ·clear®XG Spectrum Sharing

The most comprehensive solution for spectrum sharing and relocation analysis

Spectrum sharing and relocation analysis between Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) and incumbent systems in the 2.1 and 1.7 GHz bands.

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Expert sharing and relocation analysis

Need to know the extent to which spectrum may be shared between AWS and incumbent systems in the same frequency band? 

iQ·clearXG has the answers!

fast and accurate analyses

iQ·clearXG helps plan the rollout of Advanced Wireless Service (AWS) in spectrum that has been shared by over 7,000 incumbent microwave systems.

The software offers fast and accurate analyses of incumbent interference both to and from AWS systems and recommends AWS operating frequencies that require the fewest incumbent relocations.

Key Features:

Flexible cell layout options

Five interference analysis options including spectrum recommendation

Detailed reports including link data, link severity, and spectrum availability

On-line help directly through the tool