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3650 MHz Quick Look
Quickly Search for Nearby 3650 MHz and Earth Station Systems

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FCC 15-47 Amendment

Comsearch has developed a free search tool for the 3650 MHz band to help licensees efficiently manage their spectrum usage and at the same time protect incumbent users in the band. The map interface allows you to quickly assess the spectrum environment in your area in order to help avoid potential harmful interference.

This simple step-by-step process starts with Quick Look and continues to a successful launch. Comsearch will help you each step of the way.

  1. Assess the entire spectrum environment using Comsearch’s Quick Look tool.
  2. Contact Comsearch for an interference analysis if you are within 150 km of a grandfathered earth station. We will assess the potential impact to the earth stations and help negotiate an FCC-required sharing agreement on your behalf.
  3. Have Comsearch register your sites with the FCC. We have a dedicated staff ready to quickly file sites and track the applications through the grant stage.
  4. Comsearch supports the launch your system through backhaul design and RF measurements.
  5. Monitor new 3650 MHz sites near your system for potential interference. Comsearch will send regular updates of new activity in your area.
Contact us at or 1-800-318-1234 for more information.

More information:

It’s quick and easy!
Just follow these steps:

  1. Enter the coordinates of your proposed base station.
  2. The 3650 MHz Quick Look determines if a base station is within close proximity to:
    • Other 3650 MHz broadband systems
    • Grandfathered earth stations
    • Adjacent-channel C-band earth stations
    • Adjacent-channel radar systems
    • Federal Radiolocation stations
  3. View the results displayed on a map and in a table format.
  4. Click on the result for each service to see more detailed information.

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