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FCC Experimental Licensing
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FCC Experimental Licensing

Filing for an FCC Experimental License or Special Temporary Authority is challenging and time consuming—especially if you need to use licensed spectrum. Comsearch understands spectrum and will help you find spectrum options to meet your needs. We provide support throughout the filing process by:

  • Collecting all technical data,
  • Preparing and filing the application (including showings),
  • Identifying potential conditions and limitations,
  • Monitoring the application progress, and
  • Responding to questions from the FCC.
Once granted, we help you comply with any special conditions, which can vary from technical limitations to obtaining consent from licensees prior to operation. If consent from licensees is required, we contact them and obtain their consent on your behalf. Our experience and relationships with licensees allow us to get to the right person fast and get their approval quickly.

  1. Gather technical details including desired spectrum ranges, location & area of operation, description of operation, transmit power, antenna heights, and emission designator.
  2. Identify any issues with the requested spectrum and recommend alternatives.
  3. File the application for you, monitor its progress and respond to any questions from the FCC.
  4. If needed, coordinate with other licensees prior to grant of your experimental license.
  5. Review FCC special conditions and identify licensees that need to be contacted.

  • Dedicated management and staff specifically for FCC licensing
  • Leveraging decades of experience in FCC application filing
  • Detailed knowledge of FCC rules and regulations
  • Working relationship with the FCC staff
  • Excellent relationships with licensees
  • Dedicated customer service staff to answer all your questions
  • Tracking and notification mechanisms keep you informed
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