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Microwave Engineering & Design
Expert Planning for Wireless Backhaul Solutions

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Microwave Engineering and Design

Comsearch offers the expertise, tools, and experience necessary for successful planning, management, and implementation of Wireless Backhaul systems. Whether it’s IP Ethernet or traditional T-1, DS-3, or OC-3 lines, we can design a wireless network to meet your needs. Our services use the latest software and databases available to assist our customers in finding the most efficient options for their Wireless Backhaul networks.

Comsearch’s Turnkey Design Services include:

  • Topology Analysis—We determine the best configuration for your network (star, ring, tandem) that meets your connectivity, reliability, and redundancy requirements.
  • Capacity Planning—We ensure sufficient throughput on each network segment with scalability for growth and aggregation efficiences.
  • LOS Feasibility—We evaluate LOS (line-of-sight) feasibility for each link based on clearance criteria and antenna height possibilities. We use our advanced iQ·link® software for rapid LOS analysis based on terrain and building data (where available).
  • Band Selection—We determine frequency band options based on path length, antenna size, and reliability objectives considering multipath and rain outage.
  • Site Audit—We conduct field audits with photo documentation to confirm existing equipment, site parameters, installed inventory, and site feasibility.
  • Path Survey—We confirm LOS on planned links with field survey that identifies any potential obstructions (trees, structures, etc.). We document surveyed site coordinates and possible antenna heights for input into detailed design.
  • Detailed Path Engineering—We conduct analysis to determine final equipment selection, antenna types and heights, transmission line lengths, and other operating parameters based on desired performance criteria.
  • Frequency Engineering—We perform interference analysis to assign appropriate frequencies based on existing RF environment that ensures system will not be degraded by unwanted interference.
  • FCC Licensing—We conduct FCC-required Prior Coordination with other wireless users, prepare FCC applications, and submit for electronic filing as necessary.
  • Installation Services—We perform installation of your microwave system including radios, antennas, transmission lines, as well as interface equipment and power systems.

  • Full use of advanced microwave backhaul engineering software iQ·link®.
  • Engineers have extensive experience in microwave system design.
  • Access to Comsearch databases of existing microwave links, radios, and antennas.
  • Efficient frequency coordination and FCC licensing processes.

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