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Wind Energy Services
The Tools You Need to Tackle Siting Challenges

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Comsearch's wind energy services provide tools to address the siting challenges that result from complex telecommunications issues.

The use of wind energy, one of the oldest forms of harnessing a natural energy resource, is now one of the world's fastest growing alternative energy sources. The United States is committed to the use of wind energy, and over the next several years billions of dollars are projected to be spent on wind power projects. However, as new wind turbine generators are installed around the country, it is important to note that they may pose an obstruction threat to existing microwave systems and broadcast stations licensed to operate in the United States. This could result in changes to the siting of your wind turbines.

Moreover, many states and other jurisdictions recognize the need for regulations addressing obstruction to radio signal transmissions from the wind turbine installations. Specifically, local planning authorities typically require project developers to ensure wind turbines will not cause problems to existing communications, as part of the environmental impact assessment. In some cases they require developers to notify the telecommunication operators in the area of the proposed wind turbine installation.

Other factors prompting you to undertake proactive steps to mitigate potential conflicts may include the need to prevent legal and regulatory/zoning problems and the desire to promote goodwill within the community—a good neighbor approach.

Comsearch's wind energy services include:

  • Licensed Microwave Analysis (or Beam Study)
  • Coordination with Federal Government Systems
  • TV Analysis and Baseline Measurements
  • Ancillary Telecommunications Studies
  • Tower Structure Report
  • Regulatory Support
For questions or information regarding our Wind Energy Services, contact Denise Finney at 703.726.5650 or

  • We recommend that you perform the communications analyses early on in the planning stages to quickly identify any issues and adjust your siting plan if necessary.
  • To begin the process, you just provide us with an area of interest and the actual turbine locations, if available.
  • Once you have identified the studies that will meet your requirements, we will quickly identify any issues to communciations facilities in your area. Our findings can be used to support your environmental impact assessment.
  • You will receive the final reports typically within only 4–6 days. In the case of TV measurements, we will work with you on a schedule that meets your needs.

  • Comsearch is one of the largest and most trusted spectrum management specialists.
  • Comsearch has developed and maintains comprehensive technical databases containing information on licensed microwave networks for over 30 years.
  • We actively participate in AWEA events regarding siting issues, presenting at AWEA Wind Energy conferences and contributed to the AWEA siting guide.
  • Our experienced engineers, software products, and information databases continually address the specific challenges of identifying, analyzing, and resolving radio frequency interference and obstructions.
  • Comsearch has provided expert witness and testimony for zoning boards, land use committees, and historical committees.
  • Our field services group has extensive measurement experience spanning over 30 years.

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