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Interference Protection Services
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Interference Protection Services

Our comprehensive interference analysis protects your licensed systems from costly service interruptions which can lead to severe degradation of your system reliability. As your protection agent, Comsearch receives all prior coordination notices detailing the technical parameters of any new or modified microwave path or earth station.

Our highly trained analysts use Comsearch's proprietary software tools and our database of protected systems to quickly perform interference analyses. We understand that timing is critical and we immediately report potential conflicts to the new entrant before they can submit an FCC license application. Our analysts follow all conflicts through to resolution, which often involves multiple rounds of discussions and analysis of any proposed interference mitigation attempts (e.g. terrain/building blockage or modifications to their proposal).

We provide you with monthly reports that summarize the new activity, such as the number of PCNs analyzed and number of cases reported, to keep you up-to-date and close to the process.

We know how important it is to have your system data readily available, that's why Comsearch's Frequency Protection Service comes with unlimited web access to your detailed microwave, earth station, and MAS data stored in our proprietary database.

Learn about our C-Band Earth Station Protection Services.

As your protection agent, we:

  • Verify protected facility listing annually
  • Notify all coordinators of that Comsearch is your protection agent
  • Track all coordinations through database system
  • Analyze all coordinations for conflicts
  • Act as technical liaison to resolve case issues
  • Monitor FCC public notices for conflicts
  • Provide a monthly report summarizing activity
  • Provide copies of all pertinent correspondence
  • Provide access to online interactive solutions including our database
  • Make ourselves available at all times to answer questions and help tackle the most difficult issues

  • Case One—Coordinator Database Omission
    Issue: Several cases found in excess of 20 dB
    Cause: Coordinator did not have client’s path in their database
    Action: Comsearch provided proof of licensing
    Result: Coordinator changed frequencies
  • Case Two—ULS Errors
    Issue: Two cases found with margins of 30 & 35 dB
    Cause: Coordinator had ignored the client’s path due to an error in ULS
    Action: Comsearch informed client of correction needed, notified Coordinator
    Result: Coordinator changed frequencies to clear
  • Case Three—Interference Research
    Issue: Interference problem reported on operating protected path
    Cause: Recently licensed system installed incorrectly
    Action: Comsearch notified the new licensee of the problem
    Result: Interference eliminated upon fixing installation error
  • Case Four—Invalid Technical Data
    Issue: Line-of-Sight cases found with margins above 15 dB
    Cause: Coordinator used Incorrect (lower) ground elevation
    Action: Comsearch informed Coordinator of error
    Result: Coordinator re-engineered the path to clear

Comsearch provides the best solution in the industry to a complicated and important issue. We have the most complete offering of expertise, experience, tools, and procedures in place to protect your clinical system.

  • Relieves administrative burden of coordination process
  • Low per path cost
  • Summarizes activity in a concise format
  • Entire department dedicated solely to protection with over 50 years of combined coordination experience
  • PhD and EE level engineering support within Comsearch
  • Detailed monthly reports of interference cases and clearance resolutions with electronic delivery option
  • Annual path review/audit
  • System protected for actual fade margin values
  • Electronic storage of over 75,000 coordinations and clearances with portable image files
  • Data record history archive of all changes
  • Trained research assistants on staff to help review coordinations, FCC filings, and other historical verifications
  • Periodic E-Newsletter

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