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Microwave Frequency Coordination
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Microwave Frequency Coordination

Comsearch provides cost-effective, high-quality frequency coordination services for point-to-point microwave communications. Our services include interference analysis, prior coordination and licensing across all licensed microwave bands.

We have spent decades refining and improving our methods of interference prediction. No other firm offers the combination of frequency engineering experience and expertise, industry leadership, customer service and quality software and databases. Our engineers have experience in everything from network design to system implementation-if you need a service not outlined here, please give us a call.

We first perform an interference analysis to determine frequencies that will not cause harmful interference to other existing and proposed microwave paths and earth stations in a particular band. Prior coordination is required by the FCC and begins when the system design is complete. Prior coordination requirements differ based upon the FCC rule section that your service falls under (eg. Part 101, Part 74 or Part 78).

After frequencies are selected, a Prior Coordination Notice (PCN), including a path data sheet, must be sent to all existing microwave users in the area to notify them of the proposed path. The FCC rules state that existing users have 30 days to object to the proposal. Once the 30-day period expires and any objections are resolved, we provide the supplemental showing which must be included with your FCC license application.

Our Interference Analysis services include:

  • Identification of co-located or nearby licensed transmitters.
  • Accurate prediction of interfering levels into and from your system, using our proprietary software and factors such as antenna performance, radio filter performance and terrain.
  • Identification of available frequencies considering existing and proposed systems. This may include analysis of adjacent or shared bands to detect unwanted threshold degradation or potential earth station interference.
  • Documentation of the system parameters including the selected frequencies and any outstanding interference conflicts.
Our Prior Coordination services include:
  • Notification of your proposed system to all existing and proposed licensees in your area and frequency band of operation.
  • Case resolution if any licensees are not in full agreement.
  • Preparation of documentation required to satisfy FCC Rule Part 101.103 (d).
Licensing services:
  • After you complete the frequency coordination process, you must submit an application for operation to the FCC. Click here for more information on our licensing services.
Prior Coordination Renewal:
  • Comsearch tracks your PCN and notifies you when a renewal is required. If a system has not been applied-for or licensed within six months of the issuance of the Prior Coordination Notice, the “lifetime” of the coordination period can be extended an additional six months through a renewal notification of the system.


  • Comsearch has been serving our customers for decades.
  • Comsearch is roughly 100 employees strong.
  • The average professional tenure is 15+ years.
  • Comsearch coordinates over 10,000 links per year.
  • Comsearch files over 4,000 FCC licenses per year.
  • Comsearch serves over 1,000 customers annually.
Quality—get your microwave paths analyzed correctly the first time.
  • State of the art web-based software for frequency selection (AFS) and FCC filing (ULS Express) was developed specifically to ensure your paths are engineered properly.
  • Ancilliary products such as our warnings report checks over 100 FCC and microwave design rules.
  • Comsearchʼs ASR report alerts you for any applicable towers that may need to be referenced for your sites.
  • File import capability eliminates typographical errors.
Personalized Service—if your system is one path or 100 paths, you will receive the same personalized care.
  • Engineers are dedicated account managers. You will not be “bounced” around.
  • Our engineers contact you within 24 hours of receipt of a job and will typically have your work typically completed in 1 to 3 business days.
  • Job tracking software allows continual oversight of all jobs.
  • Our customer service conducts monthly surveys to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • We provide a microwave training course to our customers annually.

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